Author: Cheryl
•4:46 PM
The sad thing about our menu for the last week and this week, is that my husband and I are now working opposite schedules. So usually 4 of the 5 nights of the week my husband makes our dinner around 3pm, eats his portion, goes to work until late at night. I come home at 6pm and eat my portion. My dinner companion is the dog and the TV. But when we are together we do cherish our time.

Sunday - White spaghetti
homemade garlic breadsticks

Monday - Grilled cheese and soup

Tuesday - Ground chicken chili

Wednesday - Creamed Ground Beef over noodles
Green beans

Thursday - Breaded and baked pork chops
Steamed corn

Friday - Maple Dijon Crockpot chicken
Mashed potatoes with sour cream
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