Author: Cheryl
•2:26 PM

Tonight is an annual holiday TV viewing ritual for me. And it takes alot of guts for me to admit it here. Its the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. I don't know why I should be embarrassed about it. I am a girl, I like fashion shows and I am a huge fan of The Girls Next Door. Guess its my fascination to watch real life Barbie Dolls in action, and I have always been a fan of their clothes.

It is also a great motivation factor to get my butt on that elliptical machine at 4:30am every morning. Yesterday I slept in a little late so I didn't work out in the morning, but I promised myself that I would work out at night and I did. Then I got up at 4:30am this morning and did my normal exercise routine again. I couldn't live with myself not working out and then watching that show tonight. Plus the clothes (or what they wear of them) are fantastic.

So I will do the wash first, make some meatballs to freeze, and then stay up late to watch the VS show and then keep it on my TIVO for months to keep my motivation going.

The Victoria's Secret Fashion show is on at 10pm tonight on CVS. Check your local listings.
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