Author: Cheryl
•3:57 PM

In an effort to keep costs down and to keep paying off our debt, I had to come up with creative ways to get gifts for the ladies in my life.

I have my mother in law, sister in law, boss, and a close friend that I need presents for. And I know none of them read my blog, so I am safe to post their presents here.

While searching all the savings blogs, someone had posted a great deal to be found on a website called Bargain Catalog Outlet. They had tons of great stuff on clearance and discounts. They had a set of three pink and brown canvas bags (a big bag, a medium one and a small makeup bag) and beige and canvas bag for dirt cheap. Three sets of the pink were $7.99 (that is 9 bags) and the beige and canvas ones were $7.99 for two bags. So my total was $15.98 for 11 bags.

The bags are no longer available but there are tons of other great deal on that site.

So what was I to fill them with, my free stuff from CVS and the other stores I have been too, of course!!! I kept the gifts in mind as I did my deals over the past months. When I saw candles, chocolates and great lotions on sale I stocked up. In the bags are flavored teas, Vasoline lotion, Glade candles, Glade Glass Scents, Whitman's chocolates, Revlon beauty tools, mints, shampoo, Chapsticks, facewash, L'Oreal facial moisturizers, etc.

So I have 5 gifts for 5 women that I am figuring really costs me about $25.00 total. $5.00 a gift. Not bad at all and let me tell you I would love to get this kind of gift from someone. So I hope they all like it.

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