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This is the first of my weekly "Grocery Shopping In Budget" segment. I decided to post each of my weekly shopping trips to show you what I get for my budget.

Since we started our more frugal living we have cut our grocery budget to $50 a week, this is for two adults. We could possibly do it even lower but this is enough for us to build up a nice stock so maybe some weeks in the future I may not even need that much. And considering we don't really go out to eat anymore, we needs lots of snacks and stuff for lunches at work and dinner.

My grocery shopping schedule is mostly done on the weekends. I would love to go on a nice quiet Wednesday at 10am when no one is there. But I can't. I work Monday through Friday, getting up at 4:30am to exercise before going to work and not getting home until 6pm at night. So when I do go on the weekends I try to go as early in the morning as I can to avoid the crowds. Every week on Sunday morning I go to ShopRite for some staples and if they have any good sales. I find that ShopRite is the cheapest grocery store in our area. So I make them the main stop on my schedule.

Saturday morning I pick what other store I feel would fill in the gaps in my stockpile for that week. Sometimes its Dollar Tree for its cheap rice, jars of peppers, and cake mix, sometimes its SuperFresh if they are having triple coupons or if I need to stock up on meat. Superfresh has the greatest manager's meat specials. Sometimes it is the produce market to stock up on cheap veggies and fruits. Every once in a while I may go to Aldi's if I need canned goods or cheap Mexican food components, and also every once in a blue moon its Acme, if they have a good deal, but I don't go there too often, too expensive.

You all hit me on an unusual week. I actually stopped by Acme on Friday night because I read there was a great deal on frosting and Chex mix.

6 tubs Betty Crocker frosting 6 for $6.00 - .50 q's doubled = FREE
5 bags of Chex Mix 5 for $5.00 - .50 q's doubled = FREE

Total cost of trip = $0.00 (can't get better than that)

Saturday morning I went to SuperFresh first, as I actually had a pinch bit of room in my tiny freezer and decided to fill it with a few meats. Some okay deals.

3 lbs ground beef $5.09
1 package of 14 chicken drumsticks $3.38
1 packages of Chorizo sausage (manager's special) $1.99 each = $3.98

Total = $12.45

After SuperFresh I ran over to Aldi's. Its about a 10 minute trip but I think it was worth it today.
I hadn't been there in a while, and surprisingly on a Saturday it wasn't busy at all. My husband and I are huge Mexican food fans. So I was very happy with the Mexican staples they had and the prices they were at.

Cannot find my receipt. Its in my box somewhere but I can list what I got and the total.

1 bag of Tater Tots (found lots of good recipes for this, and I just like them, so nah nah nah)
1 bag of pinto beans
2 frozen Mexican dinners (good for lunches for the man)
1 dozen eggs (the cheapest I have seen them)
1 jar of honey (we were completely out of it)
2 cans of chili beans
3 cans refried beans
2 cans corn
1 can peas (I absolutely HATE peas, but I have a few recipes that ask for them, so I gave in)
2 boxes of corn dogs (more treats for the husband)
6 boxes of cornbread

Total $24.70

And then lastly on Sunday I hit ShopRite as usual. In the last few weeks I have spent under $20.00 at ShopRite, just getting a few things to wrap up our meals. But this week they had a few things I couldn't pass up.

Milk $2.19
2 gallons Turkey Hill Ice Cream $2.74 - $1.00 off 2 q = $2.24 each
4 packages Farmland Bacon $1.69 each (no q's for this boo hoo, but still the cheapest in a long time and we had no bacon on stock)
Lemon juice .99
2 containers of Daisy sour cream $1.29 each - .50 q's doubled = .29 each
1 Dole salad = FREE with coupon I won on a game on the Dole website
2 bags of Utz cheese curls (my husband's addiction) = .89 each
2 bags of Domini brown sugar $1.59 - .50 q's doubled = .59 each
4 GUM toothbrushes .99 each = .75 q's doubled = FREE
1 Rotisserie chicken $4.99

Total = $23.99

Total spent for this week = $61.14

Of course the first time I put my whole shopping budget on the blog, I go over my budget. Last week I was $10.00 under, but did I post that, of course not. Oh well. That means I have to behave myself a little next week. But I did get alot of stuff to stock up on. And this is a world of a difference compared to what I used to spend on groceries for just two people.

Also we do have a alot of fresh veggies and fruits frozen in our freezer that we eat all the time, so I don't want you all to think we eat just junk all the time. But I did notice we needed some snacks to keep hubby happy.

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