Author: Cheryl
•11:19 PM

The last razor review I did was for the Bic Soleil disposables. Believe it or not I finally used the last one in that 5 pack yesterday. And if you read that review you would know that I did not like them. But I don't believe in wasting, so I pressed on and used each one of them.

I was so happy to see them go. And very excited to try a new one. I decided to stop just going for the disposables and try one of the ones with changeable blades.

I picked the Gillette Venus Embrace. It looks good. Mine came with a cool shower pod to hold the razor and an extra cartridge that is held in the pod. Good start so far. This razor has 5 blades and a huge conditioning strip all around it. Still sounds good.

Then I used it. It was not as bad as the Soleil in that it didn't cause one nick, and it didn't make my skin irritated or made it burn. And it went up and down my leg smooth and soft. But when I ran my hand on my leg it felt like it there was still hair there. So I did it again, and one more time. They are now half decent smooth. But I have used other Schick disposables that got all the hair off the first time.

I will give it few more days to redeem itself and if not then I am stuck using another very so so razor until it is time for me to get another new one out.
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On December 7, 2008 at 2:41 PM , Anonymous said...

I am the total opposite. I really don't like the Venus Embrace at all but love the Bic Soleil.