Author: Cheryl
•10:11 PM

After those tremendous deals at CVS on Black Friday, CVS seems to be in vacation mode and didn't have too many deals when the weekend's ad hit. I did get four of the Febreeze Air Effects above, because I had good coupons for those. I would have preferred the actual Fabric Refresher, but my coupons stunk for those. I got 3 of the apple scents, as I absolutely love food scents, but got one different one just to try it.

I paid .26 oop after q's and ECB's and got $5.00 in ECBs back. And my house smells good.

I have decided to post more about my grocery shopping excursions each weekend. I love to read about what others bought at the grocery store and how they did their deals. So I am going to make my trips on the weekend a weekly feature here.

Also a question for you all. I love to review products, but I felt a little conflicted about reviewing food products, as I feel that taste is really subjective. But then I guess reviews of any kind are subjective, aren't they? How do you feel about food and drink reviews or just stick to non edible products?
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