Author: Cheryl
•1:57 PM

I actually wasn't going to go to CVS this weekend because there were no good ECB deals. But then I went to a favorite site of mine The Thrifty Mama, where she posted that Clairol Natural Instincts haircolor was on sale for only $3.99 and there are $4.00 q's out there from an April RedPlum. I have been wanting to cover up the greys (yikes) for quite a while. I bought three boxes. Two of a nice honey brown color and one of a more striking red. I tried the honey brown today and I really really like it. So thank you so much Thrifty Mama.

3 boxes of Clairol haircolor $3.99
2 cans Campbell's tomato soup $1.00

(3) $4.00 off any Clairol haircolor

Total oop $1.84
ECB's used NONE
ECB's earned ZERO

But I got free haircolor. So it was worth it.
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Author: Cheryl
•1:47 PM

Got to ShopRite nice and early today to get the super cheap trashbags and plates. Good thing I did. Got there around 8:30am and they only had four boxes of the trash bags left.


1 Rotisserie chicken $3.99
2 boxes Blue Bunny ice cream sandwiches $1.99 - $1.00 q's = .99 each
2 Tree Ripe OJ's $1.77 each
3 Eggland's best eggs $1.77 - .35 q's = $1.07 each
4 sets of Chinet casual plates $1.24 - $1.00 q's = .24 each set
3 Hefty trash bags $1.24 - $1.00 q's = .24 each
2 Hefty one zip bags $1.67 - $1.00 off 2 q's = $1.07 each
1 ShopRite aluminum foil $1.49
3 2000 Flushes $1.49 - $1.00 q's = .49 each
2 bags Goodlife dry cat food $4.99 - $3.00 q's = $1.99 each
3 ShopRite American cheese singles $1.49 each
2 Dannon Light N' Fit 6 pks $1.49 -.75 q's = .49 each
2 Light Silk soy milks $1.99 - $1.00 q's = .99 each
1 Kotex tampons $2.49 - $1.00 q's = $1.49
1/2 lb roast beef $4.15
1/2 lb Swiss cheese $2.64 (for the man's lunch on school days)

Total $41.86

Gayle, who has a great website call The Grocery Cart Challenge, was the original inspiration to me to try a budget with my grocery shopping. Please check out her site, to see how she does it and how some others who also have decided to try her challenge.
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Author: Cheryl
•10:36 AM

I ran into my mom in ShopRite last week. She had just come from The Dollar Tree next door and gave me the bad news. The sign on the store said that The Dollar Tree would no longer be selling the Philadelphia Inquirer, our major newspaper. I was shocked and was hoping it was just that one Dollar Tree. I stopped in another one near my house the next day, and saw that there newspaper bin was nowhere to be found. I also checked on the internet and found others in this whole area were told the same thing. The Inquirer recently filed for bankruptcy. So I guess they couldn't afford to give them away for a buck.

So that is the end to that money saving tip. Having to only pay $4.00 for four Sunday or early Saturday papers with all the good coupons is gone. I have been told that some Walmart's sell the Saturday edition at a discount, so I will check it out. If not, its back to my old way of paying $7.00 for four of them at Wawa. Still not terrible considering all the money you save with the coupons, but still stings.
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Author: Cheryl
•10:39 AM

Because we took a few weeks off from shopping and lived off our stockpile, the last of my ECB's were going to expire. So my husband needed a few things and I let him use the last of them up to keep his out of pocket low.

So now here we are back to the beginning, no ECB's and having to build them back up from scratch. The great thing is holiday weekend's are the best time to build them back up. CVS tends to have lots of great Free after ECB deals on holiday weekends. So I picked several items I had coupons for, had to pay way more than I usually do out of pocket. But now I will be back in the swing of paying very little in the future.

1 Revlon nail polish $3.99
1 Playtex Sport tampons $3.99
2 boxes Band Aids $2.99 each
1 Clearasil face wash $3.99

(1) $1.00 off any Revlon product
(1) $1.00 off any Playtex Sport
(2) $1.00 off any Band Aid product
(1) $1.00 off any Clearasil product

Total oop $13.65
Total ECB's earned $13.99
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Author: Cheryl
•8:02 AM

Hey back again. Trying to get back in the swing of things. Had some things to take care of so I was really happy to have our stockpile to live on for about two weeks. But now it is time to get back in the grocery game.

My husband I went to ShopRite last night to avoid the holiday crowds this weekend and we didn't do pretty bad for our first time back out. I let him pick some stuff out for BBQ'ing this weekend. Sorry the picture is darker, it was later in the evening so the lighting was off.


1 Friendly's ice cream $1.99
5 boxes of Purina Kitten Chow $2.19 each - Free Kitten Chow coupons = FREE
3 Kraft BBQ sauces .89 each - $1.00 q's = FREE with overage
1 Hunt's ketchup $1.00 with Free Hunt's ketchup coupon = FREE
1 Friendship Priobiotic cottage cheese $1.64 - $1.00 q = .64
2 Penn Maid sour creams $1.00 each - $1.00 off 2 q = .50 each
2 Johnsonville Brats $1.99 each - $1.00 off 2 q = $1.49 each
6 Yoplait Whips yogurts .41 each
4 Bar S packs of hot dogs $1.00 each - $1.00 off 2 q's = .50 each
5 McCormick grilling seasoning packs 5 for $4.00 - .50 q's = FREE
1 soy sauce $2.29
1 rotisserie chicken $5.99
2 Hormel Chili masters $2.64 - $1.00 q's = $1.64 each
1 French's mustard $1.89 - .50 q's = .89
2 packs of ribs (let the husband pick these out for BBQ'ing) $21.19 total
4 jars pasta sauce $1.00 each
2 bags of rice from Walmart $1.19 each

Total spent $53.31
Just a pinch over budget. But not bad for my first week back in the game and for taking the man along. He doesn't like to buy cheap meats.
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Author: Cheryl
•8:49 AM

Sorry I haven't been posting lately. More on that later.

But I just found out last night that one of my favorite shows My Name Is Earl has been cancelled by NBC. Its ridiculous, as its a fantastic show with one of the best characters ever on television, Joy Turner. There is talks that maybe ABC or Fox could pick it up like they did with Scrubs, but who knows if that will happen.

What can you do? Write NBC and if you belong to Twitter please follow @EarlTwitition save the show!
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Author: Cheryl
•4:11 PM

As you can see from my previous grocery list that I got 5 bags of Quaker Quakes free at Acme. So I couldn't resist giving the ranch flavor a try this weekend.

Quaker Quakes are just small flavored rice cakes. But the taste of the ranch is outstanding. I liken it to a healthier version of the Cool Ranch Dorito, which I haven't let myself have in years. I have no self control. So needless to say I burned through the bag of Quakes just as quickly. But I felt a little better since they have less fat and calories. It made what usually is a boring and ordinary rice cake a heck of alot better. I have yet to try the other flavors I bought, caramel, chocolate and cheese. Oh and the man liked them too. That is quite a compliment coming from a man who doesn't like the healthier version of anything.

These would make a great bowl filler for your next party or game if you have someone who is looking for a slightly healthier snack than potato chips or cheese curls.
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Author: Cheryl
•12:56 PM

Decided to go out on Saturday, even though it was miserable and raining and get a few things. I needed litter so I had to stop at Acme, something I rarely do.


5 bags of Quaker rice cakes $1.00 each - $1.00 q's = Free

Total = Zero

SuperFresh was having a sale I had never seen before, they will double up to 5 $1.00 coupons per visit. So that means $2.00 off an item. I used that to get some cheap frozen veggies we needed.

10 Hanover frozen vegetable bags 2 for $3.00 = $1.00 off 2 q's doubled = .50 each
3 pks of ground chicken $1.49 each (manager's special)
1 pk of 4 beef eye round steaks $3.15 (manager's special)
1 pk of beef chuck roast $2.91
1 pk of chicken legs $1.37


Then I had to hit the product market. I had deprived my husband long enough of oranges. He loves them. I also got some lunchmeat, as my man started school last week and he needs something to eat for the two days he is there way past dinner.

3 bags of oranges
1 bag of potatoes
1/2 lb of ham
1/2 lb of American cheese
1 bag of celery hearts

Total $12.14

Stopped at ShopRite on Sunday to use up the last of our budget.

4 bags of rice $1.00 each
4 cans of Spot Shot $1.99 - .55 q's = .99 each
1 Frigo string cheese $3.49
2 Taylor pork rolls $1.49 each
1 Turkey Hill ice cream $2.74 - $1.00 q = $1.74
2 boxes of pancake mix $1.49 each
1 Cascade rinse FREE with coupon in mail

Total $19.30

Total budget $48.34. Under budget is good.

Gayle, who has a great website call The Grocery Cart Challenge, was the original inspiration to me to try a budget with my grocery shopping. Please check out her site, to see how she does it and how some others who also have decided to try her challenge.
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