Author: Cheryl
•6:17 PM

When we were just friends, my now husband and I worked for a company years ago, where we met an awesome character with a ton of energy. The three of us clicked. We went to each others barbeque's and SuperBowl parties.

Over the course of those years, he met a wonderful woman whom he married and moved to be with her in CT. Though we were sad to see him go, we were beyond thrilled that through all the hard times he had been through, he was going to live a happy life with an amazing woman and her two awesome children.

I have had the privilege to become good friends with his wife over the years. I check out her blog all the time and she does mine. We e-mail too whenever we can. She is a fantastic person. I can see why her children turned out so wonderful.

For over three years they have been in the process of adopting a little baby girl from China. I have felt every bit of pain for her as the waiting grew longer and longer, never seeming to have an end.

But I am so beyond excited that they both leave the US on January 1st for China to pick up their lovely little lady. And though the husband will have to live off of crackers and smuggled in Tastykakes with his picky palate. I guarantee you food won't mean a thing to him when he finally gets to hold her in his arms.

Have a good and safe trip my two lovely friends. Bring the little one home soon. We are bursting at the seems to meet her.

Love ya.
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