Author: Cheryl
•8:26 PM

Proof above that I do indeed have 6 cats. One of the few times a year all six are all in the same room. They just got their Christmas treats and cat nip.

Our dinner table. It looked much nicer before everyone got there and started taking stuff off it. I do love my Christmas plates though. My mother in law bought them for me years ago on sale at Rite Aid. They are the perfect style for me.

My small Christmas house collection I assembled two years ago, one of my free Glade candles and a train set that used to go around my tree before my cats kept sliding into it and broke the train tracks.

My family wiping out the antipasto platter. Not to worry, we have so much leftovers I don't think I will need groceries this week.

My big fat crabby old man, Mysterio, checking out the tree. He is not afraid of a thing.

A great time was had by all. I got lots of house things I wanted - a toaster oven, dust buster, rice cooker. Definitely a woman staying home cooking lots of meals. My husband got me some of the sweetest gifts. I will keep them to myself, but I am one very lucky woman.

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday too.

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On December 30, 2008 at 6:13 PM , Renee said...

Oh wowsers ! 6 furbabes high on nip! I bet that was a fun time to watch. I know when my kitty gets hers she is so playful and fun to watch. She also thinks we put the tree up each year just for her.