Author: Cheryl
•10:18 AM

Probably won't be posting tomorrow or Thursday with the holidays.

So to keep you all updated.

1.) Sent a huge payment to CC # 3. I believe I am one more payment from having it gone. Let the drum roll begin. I hope to have it gone before 2009 hits.

2.) Budget for these two weeks was bigger due to us hosting Christmas dinner at our house and my husband's love of making a fine meal that coupons can not contain. I let him slide this time, he has been working real hard and he is also sick as a dog. Back to the basics next week.

3.) Made my dog homemade peanut butter dog biscuits as her Christmas present. She doesn't like them at all. My fussy child. She will get some cooked chicken instead. The cats will get cat nip I already had and a bunch of twist ties and milk lids.

4.) Emergency fund is already up to $425.00 since opening up with a measly $20 in September. Not too bad. I couldn't decided whether to do debt payments or emergency fund first, so I am doing both. The money for the EF is direct deposited from my check into the account, so I don't even miss it.

5.)In the process of switching banks. My current bank has some ridiculous fees. New bank is a bank at work program. As long as I have a direct deposit set up with them I get tons of stuff free, including checks, safety deposit box, and no fees on all those things the other bank charged for.

Have a safe and happy holidays everyone!

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