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My Saturday started off at Acme. I know, I have said before I try not to go there. But that darn Acme had two good cereal deals in two weeks. And I take dry cereal with me every day to work as my 3pm snack. So stocking up on this cheap makes my lunch packing really easy. This time they had selected Kellogg's cereals 6 for $1.50 each. There are Kellogg's coupons for $1.00 off selected cereals.

3 Crispix cereals
3 Frosted Mini Wheats

Total after Acme deal and coupons $3.00

Off to SuperFresh, which I have to say has the nicest cashiers on the planet. Had to throw that in. This week, cheap ham, and cheap Eggo's.

3 boxes of Eggos = $5.00 - .75 q's (SuperFresh really doubles) = .50 for 3 boxes
1 ham = $4.49
2 Ronzoni pastas = .79 each

Total $5.78

Oh I wish my freezer was in already, I would have stocked up big time on the ham's and Eggo's. Oh well, no room for now.

I thought my shopping for Saturday was done. But then I went out with my father to help him get some of his holiday gifts and he had to stop by Aldi to get my mom milk. So I couldn't resist grabbing a few things we needed.

2 dozen eggs $2.70
11 canned items (baked beans, corn, peas, carrots, tomatoes with chilies)

Total $8.39

Needed the canned veggies to make a good soup tonight.

Woke up Sunday morning early to find everything outside was coated with sheet of ice on it. Fun. My husband went shopping with me this morning as we also had to get our ingredients for our Christmas dinner. We are having 5 people over, so I gave him his own separate budget just to make his fancy dinner he likes to make. He loves to cook and didn't find my normal food I get to be good enough for the holidays (you pick and choose your battles in marriage). So what you see above is our normal food budget for the week minus the Xmas dinner and the nights of eating that for leftovers, so that is why I didn't buy much meat or dinner stuff. Just got a few things we needed.

After we scraped off the car and got to the store, this is what I got.

1 bag of 9 Lives cat food = $4.69 but FREE for me with a Free coupon I got in the mail.
2 Glade oil candles = $2.49 - $2.50 Q's in paper so FREE
2 OJ's = $3.54
1 container of beef bouillon cubes $1.39
1 container of chicken bouillon cubes $1.39
2 Martinson's coffee $1.99 - $1.00 q's = $1.98 for both
2 Edy's = $2.74 - $1.00 off 2 q's = $4.48 for both
1 Rotisserie chicken $5.71 ( I get this for my dog, long story)
5 Ramen noodle packs $1.00 (my husband insisted on these for his lunch)
2 cans green chilli's $1.29 each = $2.58
1 Reynold's aluminum foil $3.19 - $1.00 q' = $2.19

Total $24.26

Final total $41.43. So under my budget. But again keep in mind we had a separate budget for our Christmas dinner food this week. So that is why I took it easy on the regular food.

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