Author: Cheryl
•9:21 AM

Debters - people having bad debt (credit cards, etc)

Non-Debters - people having no bad debt


As I said in my last post, I am a cheap person with myself, so most people that know me have the impression that I am probably very good with our money. I don't tell many people we have a good deal of credit card debt. But then it doesn't come up too often either.

I had a conversation with someone I know the other day concerning the economy and debt, etc. This person is in their 50's, has no CC debt, mortgage is paid and makes a good living. She was talking about people in debt and of course I got the impression that she looked down on us like we were 2nd to people that burglarize homes. When I mentioned to her that I have credit card debt, she played it down as if I probably just have a little bit. Which could be the impression she gets from me being so cheap too. I didn't bother to tell her that we have alot of credit card debt, as I really didn't think I should be sharing anymore anyway. She also feels that people who are in debt will never change, even with this bad economy. I think a good percentage will wake up and change, but there will always be some that won't.

But it got me thinking how do people that have never had debt look at us credit card debters? Do they think we are awful, just made bad choices? What do people think about us who are making changes to get out of debt? Do they think we will just put it back on again when things are better?

All this just makes me want to work harder at it and prove people wrong.

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