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I usually only go to ShopRite on Sundays and get any necessities and a few deals. I realized mid-week that we blew through our supply of eggs and I needed one stinkin' egg to make meatballs. So I decided to go on Wednesday, since SR's price break deals are Wednesday, Thursdays and Fridays. They are special deals for those days only that I usually miss cause I'm in work and don't like to go out shopping at lunch.

I stopped at the ShopRite near my work at lunch to get the eggs and came across these finds above. The TreeRipe OJ was on sale for $1.49. I got two of these on Sunday so I grabbed two more on this trip. The marinara sauce was .88 each, so I got four.

About 3 weeks ago in my SR I found bananas on clearance since they were a little bruised and brown. But the bananas felt solid and I saw nothing else wrong with them. I bought two big packs for $1.19 each and cut them up and froze them. So keep your eye out for a damaged or bruised fruit section.

So when I went to the SR near work I was very excited to find a whole rolling rack of bruised produce. I grabbed four packs of their bananas for .60 each. Froze 3 of those packs and made muffins out of the last pack. Every morning I have a smoothie made from OJ and bananas. So this was a great stock up trip on my breakfasts for weeks. And the muffins will be good for my husband for breakfast and snacks. My total for these items was around $8.90.

Oh yeah, I did get eggs, but they aren't in the picture and weren't on any special sale. I may have to start hitting the price breaks on my lunch.
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On December 5, 2008 at 8:15 AM , Billy and Maggie said...

Whow..I had some catching up to do! I did not abandon your blog I've just been in a tailspin since referral which I know your aware of. Lovin those deals girl! You are my refrence point when we get back from China. We are going to be some penny pinching fools after all is done (but happier :) ) We'll be seeing you guys really soon, cant wait!!