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One of the great things about my four day weekend was that I was able to go to the stores alot, and do more of the deals that I really don't have time during normal weeks.

This long weekend I went to Shoprite, Acme, Superfresh, Walmart and CVS 5 times. Which I think is my record. Not going to get all specific on these deals, but I will give you a summary.

Above is my 3rd trip to CVS for the Pantene. It was on sale for 3 for $9.97. I have buy one get one coupons for each set and a coupon for $1.00 of 2.00. Combined with my normal $2.00 of $10.00 purchase at CVS I only spent $1.00 and got $4.00 in ECB's back.

My 4th trip to CVS wasn't too bad, except for they wouldn't take one of my coupons for the Colgate even though it was a CRT from their own register tape and it had my name on it. They said it was coming up invalid. I had no clue why, so I ended up paying a total of $2.50 for the purchase. But I still got $4.00 in ECB's back. I have coupons for $1.00 off 2 of the rice krispies (which are great for my husband's lunch). $1.00 off coupons for each of the Scotch rollers. They didn't have any actual rollers left, so the refills were just fine. The rollers were on sale buy one get the other 50% off and with 7 pets in my house, these are like gold. And the toothpaste was the ECB deal. I have so much toothpaste its really insane. As soon as I use a tube its replaced with 2 more.

Later in the day I read on one of my favorite coupon sites, that Dawn Hand Renewal dish soap was ringing up for 99 cents. And there are $1.00 off one coupons in the P&G saver. So I took them with me on my last trip but they were cleared out of them. So I stopped at my other CVS on the way home and they had plenty of them. So I got 3, wish I had more coupons for them, but free is free. I also picked up another pack of straws on clearance for .25 cents.

I rarely go to Walmart. The nearest SuperWalmart is over 25 minutes away and the traffic getting there is horrible. Most of the food deals people find at SuperWalmart. We have a regular Walmart up the street (which is a pain in the butt to my neighborhood), but since it isn't going anywhere I might as well use them. I compiled a list of stuff I may be able to get there from everyone's Walmart deals and went on my way. Well I had about 15 things written down and only got 3 but its better than nothing. I got the Glade Plug Ins for .29 cents ($4.29 minus $4.00 Glade coupon). The Suave hairspray was only .49 cents each (.97 cents minus $1.00 off 2) and I took my Ronzoni Smart Taste pasta coupons just in case and they were on sale for $1.50 each. I had $1.00 off each coupon, so I got pasta for .50 cents. Not too bad.

Last but not least, Acme was having their Edy's steal again. If you go on the Acme website and sign up for the Avenue savings, you can download savings directly onto your Acme card that count for the item on top of any sale they are having plus coupons. Edy's ice cream is buy one get one free $5.99 and the Avenue savings for yesterday was $2.00 off each. So that comes down to $1.99 for two things of ice cream, which is a steal considering how much these babies go for on their own. I stocked up as you can see in my freezer above. I really need a bigger freezer or a separate one downstairs. Hopefully some day. But from a sugar addict here, this is heaven.
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