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•9:43 PM

Well its a been a hard few weeks for me and my husband. And things are finally looking up. He got a part time job at a place he loves. That starts next week. Today I went for a interview in a field I have always wanted to work in, event planning, and I got the job on my first try. I will be part of the waitstaff at a catering company. The best one in the area. I will be working weddings and special events, helping to set up, work during and pack up after weddings. Its my way of getting my foot in the door to event planning. I get to see how it all works.

Its part time and I get to work the events that I can, so that fits in great with my regular full time job. And hopefully one day, one day through hard work, I will work in that field full time. Until then it gives me experience and a little extra money that I will throw at my credit card debt.

Speaking of my credit card debt, HOLY MOLY, what a pleasant surprise I got today. I had just sent a nice amount (in my opinion) to my card on Friday. But today when checking my bank balance, I see a decent size increase in my one account. Turns out today we got our NJ Saver Rebate back. I didn't think that was coming until October, and thought it would be a couple of hundred dollars smaller.

So after I was done doing my happy dance, and I am notorious in this house for my dances for all occasions and moods, I went right online and paid off completely my first credit card on my list!!!!! YAHOO! What a great end to my day.

Tomorrow I am getting some great deals at Shoprite and CVS, so I will post them as soon as I can. I thought you would like to see pictures of my stockpiles from all my couponing. This of course isn't every little thing I have ever gotten as we have used quite a bit. But its not bad for starting this all in March.

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On September 15, 2008 at 7:07 PM , Billy and Maggie said...

Congratulations on your new job! I believe you will achieve your dream. Your gonna be awesome at it!!