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Whenever I really like something, a TV show, a band, a movie, I get very nervous when they come out with something new, for fear that it won't be good. So every time The Office airs a new episode I hold my breath hoping that it will be good.

Well, not since Casino Night have I been blown away with an episode like this one. It was one hour long, not tedious at all, and action packed. It was well written, tremendously acted and destined to be an Office classic.

Michael and Holly - I absolutely love the whole storyline between them. Its as if they are now the wacky version of Jim and Pam of the show. The unrequited love story, trying to be friends and supporting each other with their romantic pursuits, even though neither one will admit to each other they want to be together. Holly is, as Jim stated it, a dork and this fits perfect with Michael. She loves his wacky things he does, she loves the songs he makes up and the stunts he pulls in the office. She doesn't criticize him or look down on him. And Michael following Jim's plan of just getting to know her first, is hysterical and touching at the same time. He is trying to hard to play it cool, its painful yet so sweet. I hope this is a story they keep going for a long time. Amy Adams is fantastic, and it would be a shame for the show to lose her.

Angela/Dwight/Andy - Angela is still engaged to Andy but it meeting Dwight in the warehouse for a little extra something special. I'm surprised she is doing this. She was so mad at Dwight for mercy killing her cat Sprinkles that she broke up with him. But now she likes him enough to keep sleeping with him but not enough to dump a fiance she is not in love with, nor even likes that much. Just not working with me. Also she is super rigid and super religious, so this doesn't even go with her moral character. I love these 3 characters individually but not a fan of this triangle right now.

Jim and Pam - I could smell the predictability of part of this show a mile away. Pam goes away to school and slowly her and Jim start having trouble figuring out how to see each other with their schedule. Pam starts making friends and even a guy she is laughing with. Oh great here it comes, that person to get in the way of their relationship. But then, holy Greg Daniels, throws in a huge curve ball and has Jim propose to her in the most awesome way. Out in the rain in front of a rest stop, Jim gets down on one knee and tells Pam he can't wait and asks her to marry him. She says yes. Despite all the funny things and funny faces John Krasinski makes and does in his scenes that are great, its when he actually does the serious scenes that you really see how talented he is at it. Case in point, Casino Night. This was a great decision on the shows part. A long engagement and a big drawn out relationship between the two would have just been overkill. This is the show that can prove that a couple can be together and happy and not be boring.

The return of Ryan was fantastic. I loved seeing him sulk back in the office now as the temporary receptionist. The hostility that the other DM'ers have for Ryan will only lead to great scenes. Lets see how long Kelly can resist him too and what type of interactions Darryl has with him. And then there is still Jan's baby. We know that she is still going to be in Michael's life. With Holly now in the picture, this is going to make for one interesting triangle.

Favorite scene (serious) - the Jim Pam proposal of course, hey we waited 4 years for this, we deserved it.

Favorite scene (funny) - was actually Kelly's talking head where she has the dark circles under her eyes from the extreme dieting she was doing and says "I just bought some bikini's online, size 2, so I will look amazing" Its her best talking head ever.

I think the show has a whole new life this year, with lots of possibilities for great story lines. I am more excited than ever to see what they have planned.
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