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Summary - Jan gives Michael the news that Dunder Mifflin cannot have both a Stamford and a Scranton branch. So there will be downsizing. all the office is concerned on who will go. This episode introduces Ryan to the office.

Oh My Lord Moment - Jan is holding a small meeting in Michael's office with Michael and Pam taking notes. Michael takes a call during the meeting from Todd Packer, obnoxious sales rep and one of Michael's friends. Todd unaware that Jan in the room says "Hey you big queer.......(when talking about Jan), hey Michael does the carpet match the drapes?" Michael says "Oh that is horrifying."

Semi-Oh My Lord Moment - Michael pretending to play a prank on Pam in front of Ryan. Michael accuses Pam of stealing post-it notes and has to fire her. Knowing Pam in the future it is hard to believe that she fell for this one, considering how bad a liar Michael is and how he is kinda laughing through the whole thing. But she does and when she finds out he is kidding she calls him "a jerk", which is one of the only time Pam calls Michael names.

Dwight - We see the first prank played between Jim and Dwight. Jim puts Dwights stapler in Jello. When Dwight insists Michael do something about him, Jim feigns his normal innocence.

My opinion - Well since this is the first episode and was shot months before the rest of the show began there are mostly appearance differences. Michael's hair is the most obvious to me. He has it slicked straight back which actually makes him look older, more of a slimy type of boss and somewhat balding. After that episode Steve Carell wears his hair on the show more like he wears it in real life which makes him look younger, and not so slick and suave.

Everyone looks less made up and more plain. Pam is insanely timid in the first episode as compared to even other ones in the first season where she seems to gain more confidence.

Jim and Pam - You find out that Pam doesn't want to spend her whole life being a receptionist and wants to be an illustrator. We find out Jim likes her drawings and knows her favorite flavor of yogurt, mixed berry. It doesn't take a genius to find out from this episode that he has quite a crush on her, and when he tries to get her to go out with the whole staff that evening, we are introduced to her fiance Roy, who doesn't seem to care about doing anything that Pam wants to. The first of Jim's many frustrations with her relationship is shown in the end of this episode.

Not much happens with the downsizing, that is for a much later show. And you don't get to see the supporting cast very much. The show ends unlike any other episode in the future; with Jim putting Michael's World's Best Boss cup in jello and the show playing out the theme music. But it was a nice way to introduce everyone.
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