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Most people that I know that coupon have one of these two systems for organizing the coupons and papers. You either cut out every coupon and organize them either baseball card holders in a binder or a file box. Or you keep the whole coupon books (SmartSource, RedPlum and P&G) in files or binders and write the date of when they came out.

For those who cut them out it is alot of work especially when you buy 4 or 5 newspapers. You have to file them all in their specified categories and your binder can get huge fast. If you keep them whole you tend to not remember what you have and it becomes somewhat of a pain to sort through all of the pages just to see if you have any toilet paper coupons.

Since March when I started couponing, I have always cut out all my coupons. I'm a visual person, so cutting out the coupons make me look closely at each of them and that helps to remind me what I have. You will see my huge binder below. It is always at its biggest right before the end of the month. Its just bulging at the sides. I love when it is time to go through it and get rid of the expired ones. I actually like it being thinner and lighter. It is so much easier to find things.

Since I figured my schedule was about to get busier soon, that I should try to find an easier way to keep my coupons and a way to get my coupon book lighter. So I came up with combining the two ways . I normally get 5 to 7 of each coupon book that comes out. 4 of them I buy myself, 2-3 of them come from my mother who gives me her's and her neighbors.

I cut out one set of coupons from one of each type of book, on the back of the coupon I write what book it came out of and the date (SmartSource - SS 9/20/08, etc, Red Plum - RP 9/20/08). Those coupons I file in my baseball card holders in my binder.

The other coupon books I write the date on the top of them and file them away in my newly purchased and on sale file box/keeper thingy below. It has dividers and labels to make files like SmartSource, Red Plum, Mail In Rebates and Receipts. So now I keep all of the coupon books in here and have just one set the coupons from each book in the baseball card binder.

When I get my circulars for the sales, I only have to pull out the baseball card binder which will not be so thick after the end of the month and look through the coupons. If I find one I want to take to the store, I look on the back to see what book it came out of. Go to my file keeper and cut the duplicates out of the correct coupon book.

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