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Of all the products on the planet, this is the one I feel I am most qualified to talk about. I have been an animal lover since birth. I grew up in a house of animal lovers too. My parents had fish, birds, hamsters, and dogs (not all at the same time) I believe it was at the tender age of 8 that I told my mother that I was never having children but would have lots of pets. I think she laughed at me.

Well here I am 35 years old, married and no children (by choice) and I have seven, yes seven, pets. Not all planned I must say. I have 6 cats and a dog. The dog was planned and adopted. Three of my cats were planned, 2 adopted and one a stray kitten I wanted. The other three cats were one that took up a home in my backyard, now my inside cat, and two that were part of 7 kittens I fostered a few years ago. Long story on that one, but I kept those two.

I will never have seven pets again. Its not that it is alot of work, you just have to keep up on the cleaning and brush them regularly, its more of an attention problem. You see I only have two hands and seven pets and there is a battle many of days for my attention from them. So these seven will stay in my home for the rest of their lives. But in the future I would like to keep it to 2 cats and a dog.

I have four litter pans in my basement under the stairs. Its a great spot for them and keeps them out of the way from anything else I need to do down there. I work a full time job and scoop the pans everyday. But I just don't have time nor the money to change the pans too frequently. I prefer to fully change the litter on the four pans only once every two weeks.

I have probably tried about 30 different kinds of cat litter, the clay kind, the newspaper kind, the pellets, etc. They either stunk up too fast, smelled funny on their own, were ridiculously expensive when you have 4 pans, or the cats just plain hated it.

About a year ago my mom and I just picked up a few bags of this store brand litter at Acme, called Happy Tails Cat Litter. We both tried it and absolutely loved it. It lasts the whole two weeks with very little smell at the end. It has, as you can see, light gray and blue flecks, which are slightly larger than your average cheap clay litter. It has little to moderate dust, but is easy to see on the ground to clean up if your cats knock any out and just does a much longer job on the smell than most brands.

Since it is a store brand, there are no coupons on it. Its not the cheapest litter ever but it is the best, in my opinion, for the price. It runs about $3.30 a bag at Acme and it oh so worth it for the time it saves you. I highly recommend and this comes from two women who have alot of pets, so we know. I hate to use anything else.

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