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I promise to review the The Office premiere either later today or tomorrow morning. It was an hour long and filled with so much great stuff, that I have to watch it a few more times and take notes. But it is worth the wait.

On Monday I went back to CVS with the extra ECB's I earned from the L'Oreal deal and did one more deal to keep me fully stocked on paper towels. Pictured about is only 3 8-packs of Viva towels, but I actually bought 4. I gave one to my mom on my way home. These towels should last me for months and months because we actually don't use paper towels in our house for anything but gross animal fluids (I won't get into detail here, but stuff like hairballs, etc). I use dishcloths in the kitchen for wiping the counters, and extra dishcloths for napkins. And for cleaning I use microfiber towels. All of these I just throw in the washer to use time and time again. It is my little effort to be green.

4 Viva paper towel 8 packs $6.49 each = $25.96

(4) 75 cents off Viva paper towels
(1) $2.00 off any purchase of $10.00 at CVS

ECB's Used $19.98
Oop .98 cents
ECB's earned $10.00

Again, I had alot of ECB's so I didn't mind using some of them to stock me up for a long time.
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On September 27, 2008 at 12:54 PM , Frugal Finds said...

Those paper towels would last me 2 years!!!