Author: Cheryl
•8:53 PM

Well I cut up all our credit cards tonight, except for one for each of us. I am keeping mine in case of pet emergencies. My husband is keeping one of his for the airline credits. The rest are gone and we begin throwing any cash we can get at them. I even feel a little better just getting started.

I am also looking for a part time job to supplement our income. I am trying to find something that would get my foot in the door of what I want to really do for a living. I figure if I am going to spend nights and weekends earning some extra money then it might as well be at something that I like to do. I want to be an event planner. Its something I have had an interest in for years and even do a little bit at my current job. I sent out some resumes today and tonight I will make some phone calls.

I'm so glad I got into the couponing and saving, this will really help with finding some extra money for the debt.

And we only have 2 1/2 weeks until October, the best month of the year. I just cannot wait.
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