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One of my favorite blogs is Money Saving Mom. I check her site many times a day for tips on saving money, coupon deals, freebies, and just overall fantastic advice.

Today I saw her site an event she has ever month on your financial shape. She has a list of her financial goals for 2008. She has done an amazing job along with her family at knocking down quite a few on her list. And she has inspired me to do the same. Although I am getting in the game late, I am going to start with my goals for the next four months of 2008. So it will be a shorter list, but better late than never.

Its time, it really is. I'm 35, with credit card debt. I don't want to be living paycheck to paycheck. Using coupons has already given me a push in saving money, but its time to make goals. I hope you will check out her site and join me on pursuing your financial goals. It can't be nothing but good for you.

Short Term Financial Goals for 2008

1.) Pay off first credit card. Balance is $721.80. I have to start with the smallest one. Yes, scary that is my smallest one. But knocking off the smallest one gives me a boost to keep going.

2.) Going with goal #1. To not use any more credit cards. As of today I take them all out of my wallet.

3.) Christmas kept under control. My husband I used to spend a pretty penny on each other for Christmas. We have no kids, so we felt okay to spoil each other. Problem is that money could have went to our debt instead. I want to cut our Christmas budget by 75% (sorry honey, got to be done).

4.) Drastically cut eating out. This is where me and hubby blow through the most money. $40 here, $60 there. When we have a fridge and freezer full of stuff I get very cheaply we are still prone to go out several times a week. All of that money needs to go to our debt.

I'm gonna keep my goals at that for now since I only have 4 months. If I do pay off card #1 before that I can always add card #2. There are plenty to choose from, yikes.
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On September 2, 2008 at 9:39 PM , Greta Jo said...

I found your blog through moneysavingmom. I too am from Southern NJ matter of fact exit 13.

I enjoyed reading through you blog this evening. Great work.