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Summary - Corporate makes everyone in Scranton attend diversity day. Michael overtakes the meeting from the speaker with his inappropriate behavior and tries to teach his staff diversity in his own strange way. Jim tries to make his big sale of the year.

Oh My Lord Moment - Michael comes up with a game where everyone wears a nationality (or what Michael considers a nationality) on an index card taped to their forehead.
Michael : You will notice that I didn't have anyone be an Arab. I thought that would be too explosive, no pun intended. I thought it was too soon for Arabs. Maybe next year. The ball is in their court.

Semi-Oh My Lord Moment -
Michael "If I brought in some burritos or some colored greens or some pad thai. I love pad thai. " Stanley: It's "collard greens."
Michael: What?
Stanley: It's "collard greens."
Michael: No, that doesn't really make any sense. Because you don't call them "collared" people. That's offensive.

The Legend that is Dwight - You really start to see in this episode, the militancy that is Dwight and what a fan of fantasy he actually is. Dwight proves that he can sometimes give as good as he gets from Jim. While Jim is trying to make his big sale, Dwight decides to do some shredding, and Jim cannot hear the customer on the phone. Then Dwight disconnects the call on Jim.

Mr. Brown: At Diversity Today, we believe it's very easy to be a hero. All you need are honesty, empathy, respect, and open-mindedness.
Dwight:Ah, excuse me? I'm sorry, but that's not all it takes to be a hero.
Mr. Brown: Great, well, what is a hero to you?
Dwight: A hero kills people, people that wish him harm. A hero is part human and part supernatural. A hero is born out of a childhood trauma, or out of a disaster, that must be avenged.
Mr. Brown: Uh, you're thinking of a superhero.
Dwight: We all have a hero in our heart.

And Dwight's hero's wear brightly colored capes.

Other moments of note - You do see Jim's struggle throughout the whole day to make this sale. From the interruptions of Dwight, to Michael making him hang up and come to another silly meeting, to longingly looking at his phone ringing while he is stuck in the meeting, to reaching the phone after the client hangs up, to the client's number being busy, to finally getting a hold of the client to find out that Dwight finished the sale and got the commission.

The dialogue with the staff with the index cards on their heads are priceless.

Dwight has "Asian", Pam has "Jewish".
Dwight: Shalom, I'd like to apply for a loan
Pam: That's nice, Dwight
Pam: Okay, if I have to do this, based on stereotypes that are totally untrue, that I do not agree with, you would maybe..not be a very good driver.
Dwight: Aw, man! Am I a woman?

Kevin has "Italian", Angela has "Jamaican"

Kevin: Do you wanna go to the beach?
Angela: Sure.
Kevin: Do you wanna get high?
Angela: No.
Kevin: I think you do mon.

Jim and Pam - The big moment between Jim and Pam in this episode, is Pam falling asleep on Jim's shoulder during the meeting. He looks down at her sleeping and smiles. Its hard not to melt there at this adorable image. When the meeting ends he has to wake her up, but seems to take one more second to enjoy the moment. Pam wakes up slightly embarrassed but smiles and leaves the room. Then Jim in a talking head moment says "Not a bad day". It only takes the little things with him and her to make him happy.

My opinion - I think the show really gets going after a slightly slow start in the pilot. Michael's inappropriateness is still cringe worthy but I think in a more funny than mean way. The supporting cast starts coming out with lines and personalities and the relationship between Jim and Pam starts moving along with subtle sweet and telling moments. But the index card game is the best part of this show, with too many memorable lines to repeat. A must watch.
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