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Well after a long summer, The Office is back with a one hour premiere entitled "Weight Loss".

Summary - This episode is a first as it covers the seven weeks over the summer, that you usually do not see. Corporate is sponsoring a weight loss contest amongst the branches. The branch who loses the most weight combined wins 3 extra days of vacation. Scranton tries all sort of methods to make sure they win the contest. Pam goes off to art school, and the Dwight/Angela/Andy triangle continues.

Week 1 June 30 - 2210 lbs
Scranton has a party to add weight on so that their numbers are higher when they start and they can lose more in that time. The party consists of a buffet of fried chicken, mac and cheese and a fountain spewing out cheddar cheese. The entire staff (except Pam) gets on the warehouse scale for their weekly weigh in. Dwight reading the weigh says "You people need to learn some portion control."

Week 2 July 7 - 2179 lbs (31 lbs lost)
Stanley is seriously losing weight, and hiding it from everyone. Michael continues his secret love of Holly, Jim keeps encouraging him to just keep it as friends for now. Dwight decides to clean out the vending machine of junk and fill it with fruits and veggies, hammering them into the slots. Oscar tries to fix Holly up with his yoga instructor. Pam leaves for New York for design school. She tells the camera "What up 212?!"

Andy tries to book a place for his and Angela's wedding. "Every little boy has fantasies about their fairy tale wedding (oh my Andy). But still unknown to Andy, Dwight and Angela are having frequent trysts in the warehouse during the workday. As Jim walks Pam to her car, so she can leave for NYC, Michael runs after her. He wants her to hear a poem he wrote for her, but he left it upstairs. Michael says, "The last word is seagulls". Pam says, "I'm sure it was really lovely".

We find out Pam and Jim are not engaged. They have decided they didn't want to spend the first 3 months of their engagement apart. Jim tells a story of why Pam doesn't want a long engagement, something about another engagement, some guy in the warehouse. He doesn't know much about that. :)

Jim explains why he thinks Holly and Michael would make a good match. "Holly is kinda a major dork". Just perfect for Michael.

Week 3 July 14th - 2184 lbs (gained 5 lbs)
"Dunder Mifflin, this is Ronnie. (WHAT?) Pam's, temporary replacement, Ronnie, is a middle-aged blond woman. Jim's thoughts on Ronnie, "I don't really know Ronnie. But I have a feeling that I will get to know her in the next few years. And eventually declare my love for her".

Pam's time at school doesn't start off well. She ends up in the wrong class. Kelly tries extreme methods to lose weight. She first tries the cleanse diet. Consisting of drinking a concoction of lemons, hot sauce, and some other strange ingredients. This makes her miserable, have dark circles and bags under her eyes, and on the edge of losing her mind. "I just bought some bikini's online, size 2, so I will look amazing".

Jan visits, very very pregnant. Michael when greeting her belly "Whose your daddy? Whose your daddy? Oh, you don't know who are your daddy is do you?"

Holly finds out Kevin is not mentally challenged when Angela yells at him calling him stupid, Holly steps in to defend him, exposing what she was told he was and Kevin denies it. Holly is embarrassed.

Angela's explanation of how she lives with the "visits" with Dwight. " I have a nice comforter, several cozy pillows. I usually read a chapter of a book and its lights out by 8:30pm. That is how I sleep at night".

Week 4 July 21 - 2183 lbs (lost 1 lb)
Phyllis runs the party planning committee with an iron fist. She now holds the position over Angela from catching Angela and Dwight in one of their passionate moments.

Michael's comment on willpower "I once went 28 years without having sex. And then again for 7 years".

Jim leaves to visit Pam in NYC. Michael decides to give him a condom, as all nice caring bosses should do. Jim ditches the camera upon entering Pam's dorm room by telling the camera to look at Pam's art on the wall. The wall is blank, the door shuts and locks (whoo whoo).

Andy sweetens over Angela by telling her he will marry her anywhere anytime. Angela feels awful for how she treated him, kisses him and doesn't show up for her afternoon tryst with Dwight.

Holly is going on a date with Oscar's yoga instructor. Michael decides to support her, as a friend should do.

Week 5 July 28th - 2183 lbs (zero pounds)
All the branches aren't doing well in the weight loss battle. Corporate decides to up the ante to 5 extra vacation days as a prize. Kelly decides to help this and swallows a tapeworm that Creed gave her. Creed "That wasn't a tapeworm".

RYAN IS the new temporary receptionist to replace Pam. Michael decides to hire him from the temp agency. I really don't think corporate knows this. They probably wouldn't be too happy to know Michael hired a former employee arrested for fraud. But it did make for a nice shocking element to the show.

Holly's date goes well. Michael keeps supporting her. But when he is around Jim he is annoyed at following Jim's advice to just be her friend. "You know my seduction method. I like to get in there and get my hands dirty". Smooth Michael.

Dwight tries to make up with Phyllis by asking her to go on a sales call with him and split the commission 60/40. Dwight ends up taking Phyllis to an abandoned warehouse in a bad neighborhood and leaves her with no cell phone and makes her walk back to the office so that she will lose weight. Phyllis, furious with Dwight when she returns, calls David Wallace, the CEO of Dunder Mifflin.

Week 6 August 4th - (no weigh in)
Corporate issues a memo stating that they do not discriminate nor condone unhealthy dieting habits or extreme weight loss strategies. This is a result of Phyllis calling Wallace. Michael decides to show everyone about weight, by wearing a half inflated sumo wrestling suit and telling Kelly that she is beautiful.

Week 7 August 11th - 2179 lbs (4 lbs)
Holly's date hasn't called in 3 days. And she has tickets that night for the Counting Crows. Michael tells her to give him at least until 5pm to call.

Jim hasn't seen Pam in 10 days. He talks to her in IM, and asks her to meet him for lunch at a rest stop halfway between them. Scranton finds out they need to lose 8lbs by the end of the day to beat Utica. Andy decides to turn up the heat, and several staff wears trash bags suits to sweat out these last few pounds.

Andy insists that his singing group, Here Comes Treble, sings at their wedding. Angela says no. Andy finally puts his foot down and says this is a deal breaker. When he lists the awful nicknames of the members of the group, Angela gets fed up and goes out to have another tryst with Dwight.

Jim meets Pam at a rest stop, drops down to one knee. Says he couldn't wait and proposes to her. Pam says yes. Later Jim comes back to the office in time for the weigh in, he is soaked but ecstatic. (Holy Crap)

Holly's date does not call. Michael decides to buy the concert tickets from her and then rips them up in front of her to show her that now she doesn't need to think about them and be upset. Holly's is completely confused by his gesture.

Final weigh in 2175 (lost 5 lbs), but not enough to win. Utica gets the 5 days vacation.

In the last scene, we find Toby in the hospital in a complete neck and head brace. He has broken his neck going zip lining while in Costa Rica. He has been there for 5 weeks, still hasn't seen the beach, and the camera crew is his first visitor. Poor Toby.

Whew... long and action packed show. Next, my thoughts on the episode.
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