Author: Cheryl
•8:15 AM

So many things changing after today and so many things coming up. I thought I would just list them for prosperity.

1.) Well today is the last day of free time for me and my husband. Tomorrow we both start our second jobs. Actually that is inaccurate. My husband starts his 3rd or 4th. But I actually think he dropped one of the other ones so its probably his 3rd. Flyers pre-season starts for him too so he will be really busy. I start my side job tomorrow. Its only on Saturdays but since I run around like a maniac anyway on the weekends doing housework, this cuts into my time even more. But its all for the better, to pay off debt and to pursue things we love.

2.) The Office premiere is in 6 days. I'm so excited. I am seriously craving some new Michael Scott material, plus I can't wait to see what happens with the whole Dwight/Angela/Andy triangle and the Jim/Pam thing. I did see the season premiere of House last night, another favorite show of mine, and it was good as usual except for my dumb DVR cut the end of the show off.

3.) It was only 50 something degrees this morning and I was actually chilly. YAHOOOOOO!!!! I so hate summer and love cool weather. Fall is Monday and I am so excited that I can't stand it. I can't wait to switch to my winter clothes and go get a chai latte and eat apple donuts.

4.) And you know what Fall means, HALLOWEEN baby yeah!! Its about time I start decorating, so I have to fit that into my very small amount of free time. I guess I will do that at nights after work during the week, unless I get a second to myself on Sunday. But either way I love it and promise to take pictures of my Halloween obsession when I have it done.
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On September 22, 2008 at 5:18 PM , Billy and Maggie said...

I love Fall to but I feel sad seeing Summer go. That is a beautiful picture. Our leaves arent that pretty yet.

You guys seem crazy busy! Oh I wish I had your energy.