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Ahhh where did we leave off, pizza, yum, yes, deep dish pizza at Uno's. So after we stuffed our faces, we went home and rested up. Later that evening we ate at this great little place called Take Five, where everything on the menu was $5.00 and I thought it was very good.

The next morning after getting some coffee we set out for a busy day. We headed over to Navy Pier. Which is a pier with a shopping mall, food court, movie theater, amusement park, etc, etc, etc. This place was packed with stuff to do and was again beautiful and clean, a constant in what I saw of Chicago.

This was the view behind me as we were walking from the parking garage to the pier. It has been my wallpaper on my computer for days. What gorgeous buildings there. On the walk there, we saw kids playing near these cool fountains and people taking a Segway class, which I had never seen in person before.

We were starving when we got to Navy Pier so we stopped in the food court to get a hot dog. I can't remember for the life of me what was the name of the stand we stopped by, but they have every kind of hot dog under the sun. My dad, brother and husband got the Chicago dog and I tried the Michigan dog, which was loaded with sauerkraut and a spicy mustard. Both were delicious.

Our main purpose to go to Navy Pier was to see The Dark Knight at the Imax theater there. The shows were sold out, so good thing we ordered ours online about a week before we got there. During the line to wait for the theater to open, we were subjected to listening to a pirate show on a nearby stage in the mall and about 500 screaming children loving it. My poor husband, between the sold out crowd (he hates to see movies with lots of people) and the screaming kids I thought he was going to leave.

The Imax screen was incredible and huge. The theater was very nice, but I was cold in there. But the biggest shocker of all was the sold out crowd did not say one peep during the whole movie. My husband was thrilled. Everyone was entranced by the film and the screen. I was absolutely blown away. I thought the movie was fantastic and everyone in it was amazing. For how long it is, I didn't notice one bit. There was always action to keep you busy and you never felt like they were stretching it. The coolest thing was a majority of the movie was shot in Chicago. So after we left we were picking out places from the movie as we were seeing it in person.

The next day the Chicago Cubs were home for a game. We didn't really want to spend the money for tickets but wanted to see what the action is like. So my husband, dad and I took another walk down to Wrigley Field. It was absolutely packed, but everyone was really great. We bought some Cubs souvenirs, had lunch at a great Mexican tapas restaurant called Moe's Cantina and bought some chocolate at Nuts on Clark to help satisfy my sweet tooth.

Right across the street from Wrigley's Field is a McDonald's. I was the first one to notice that they had a huge egg outside in the parking lot. I swore when we first got there that I saw that it was cracked open, but later the first day we went by it again and it was closed. I think my dad and husband thought I was nuts. So when we went to the game on Friday it was open. I guess it stays open long enough for breakfast there and then closes up. I had to take a picture, it was so cool. Later that night we ate at Charlie's Ale House, a very nice pub type restaurant with good comfort food.

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On September 1, 2008 at 5:56 PM , Anonymous said...

My husband and I went to Chicago a few years back...just the two of us! He's a huge Cubs fan, and he really wanted to see the ball park.