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Well this is a four day weekend for me. And with not alot of coupons in this week's papers, it game me more free time to come up with some deals and to have more time to make trips to CVS.

Today I made two trips. First one to my favorite CVS, where I was out to get the Suave body wash and the free Atkins bars. I like to get over to the store on Sunday's around 9am. But due to sleeping in a bit late I didn't get there until 10 am, and low and behold someone wiped them out of the Atkins bars. So we just stuck with the Suave body wash.

6 Suave body washes $2.00 each = $12.00

Total = $12.00

(3) Buy one get one free on Suave body washes
(2) .75 cents off Suave body wash (I didn't have one more, darn)
(1) $2.00 off any purchase of $10.00 at CVS

ECB's used $2.00

Total out of pocket $1.06
Earned $4.00 in ECB's

So I have tons more body washes now and I have plenty of my husband's favorite kind, the coconut scent.

Then on my way back from my favorite CVS, I hit the other store that I am not that much of a big fan of. They are a busier store, so they run out of stuff more, and they don't always have everything entered into their system on time. But I was determined to find those Atkins bars, since they were free. Well I found out they have a much better clearance section than my usual store.

7 Atkins bars $1.00 = $7.00
1 bag of 250 ct. flexible straws $1.50 (clearance 75 % off) = .50 cents
6 Bonnie Bell chapsticks .75 (clearance 75 % off) .25 cents = $1.50

Total = $9.00

(7) $1.00 off Atkins bars

Used no ECB's (I left them in the car, yikes)
Total out of pocket $2.00
No ECB's

I was still happy with this take. I got bars for my husband's lunches and tons of chapstick. A staple in my purse. I have several more trips planned for the rest of my long weekend. Its nice to have this free time.

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On September 1, 2008 at 11:33 PM , "Deal"icious Mom said...

That's a great score. I always need straws for my son. I am addicted to lip gloss and you cant beat free atkins bars. Cool deal. Thanks for sharing.