Author: Cheryl
•1:28 PM

Well I told you before how much I love my stash of razors. So I was excited when the last pack ran out and it was time to open a new type of razor. I decided to go with another disposable brand. I'm weird, and like to save the non-disposable ones for last. Kind of like when I eat my dinner and always save the carbs for last.

I chose the Schick Xtreme 3 Comfort Plus. Immediately upon opening I noticed the difference in this from the Schick Quattro. The Xtreme is much lighter, and I have to say it felt cheaply made next to the Quattro. Well it is a cheaper razor, it runs around $5.49. You get 4 instead of 3 razors and each razor only has 3 blades. But we pressed on.

The major difference I experienced between the Quattro and Xtreme was the feel of the shave. The Quattro felt so soft that it felt like it wasn't getting a single hair off my leg until I felt it with my hands. The Xtreme you felt the slight pull of the hairs and that light scraping sound and feeling. Now most of you would run from a razor when you hear this, but I actually like that sound. It makes me feel like it is actually doing something. And it passed the over the knee test, in my opinion the hardest place to shave without cutting yourself.

I felt my legs after using the Xtreme and they were very smooth. The razors of the Quattro seem more enclosed and the conditioning strip much bigger, which is why you get a more gentler shave. But the Xtreme still did the job in getting your legs smooth.

So if you are looking for a cheaper disposable this is a pretty good one. Definitely something I wouldn't have a problem with buying in the future.

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