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So much has gone on in the short period of time that we have been home from Chicago, I hope I can do the recap of my trip justice. We went to Chicago for four days to visit my brother and see the sights. My brother said he lived four blocks from Wrigley Field but little did I know how beautiful the neighborhood around the field would be. The homes were all incredible, brick or stone single homes with tons of character and charm. People take great care of them. My husband and I were in awe, it was our dream neighborhood. This shot was across the street from my brother's apartment. The house on the left was my favorite of all.

My brother has a 7 month old dog named Bailey. He adopted him from a shelter, which my brother knew he had to do or I would have drove all the way to Chicago and strangled him (adopt, don't buy your pets kids). One of my main reasons for the trip was to meet Bailey and his two cats Fiyiero and Marius (strays he took in). When we got there, Bailey was a ton of energy as any 7 month old puppy would be. So my brother wanted me to go with him to the dog beach. Yes, dog beach.

Montrose Beach is a must for any dog lover living in Chicago or even visiting. It was immaculate. The water blue and beautiful and the dogs plentiful. They were having a ball in the water and chasing each other around. I was in dog lovers heaven. I only wish I had my dog, Zamboni, who was way back in NJ staying with her grandmom.

The beach is fenced in on two sides and around the back. The water is not that deep where the dog beach is. It is definitely a place where you don't want to wear your good clothes. Dogs zooming by kicking up sand, soaking wet and drooling with excitement. My brother, dad and I all went and were quite a bit messy when we got home but happy.

The whole trip my husband and I couldn't get over an amazing and clean body of water being all along a beautiful city. Now this is the kind of city I could get used to. Made me sad to come home to NJ's grey/brown water.

My brother also showed us a smaller dog park off of the beach. There were no other dogs there but Bailey, my brother and I had fun playing fetch with a ball. I was just amazed at all the places they had for dogs there. I can barely find a dog park near me yet alone several.

Now for most travelers to Chicago a trip to Wrigley Field is a high on the list . But when your accommodations are four blocks away its an absolute must. After the dog park, my husband I took a walk there. No matter what everyone says about it just being in the middle of a town or neighborhood, you still aren't prepared for it. Store, store, house, house, WRIGLEY FIELD!!! It was really cool to be near such a classic stadium. We would come back again later in the trip

Walking around the back of the field you come upon the homes or condo buildings that have bleachers on the top of their roofs. I had heard about this, but it is very cool to see in person. My brother told me that the owners of the buildings have to pay the team for the seats they fill during the game. It looked like an amazing place to see the game and the houses were again beautiful.

Later that evening after getting a much needed shower, we decided we had to have our first piece of a Chicago tradition, deep dish pizza. My husband chose Giordano's. The place was pretty packed, but we managed to get a seat right away. The pizza's are cooked to order, so you have to wait about 30 minutes. But in my opinion it was well worth it. As my husband says, "This is not pizza, its quiche". But he thought it was good. It is so different from regular flat NY style pizza. I always leaned towards Sicilian pizza when in Scotto's at home so thick crust was definitely for me.

Part II, we have a view inside the city, Navy Pier, The Dark Knight, and authentic Chicago hot dogs.

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On August 20, 2008 at 6:41 PM , Brilynn said...

Chicago is a great city eh? I wish I had more time to explore it while I was there. But I'm more than happy with the Lollapalooza experience. And just so you know, Trent was looking jacked and fabulous :) and the NIN show was definitely the highlight of the weekend. SO GOOD!