Author: Cheryl
•6:04 PM
What was supposed to be a week of posting pictures of our trip to Chicago, didn't turn out as we expected.

My husband's father, my beloved father-in-law, passed away suddenly on Tuesday. And I wish I could be as prolific as my husband is with words, but I feel I just can't phrase how we all feel or what a cool man he was.

My father in law and me had this quite understanding with each other. We would give each other just the right looks and we both got the joke or the comment or how each other was feeling. It was so easy to adore him as he always reminded me so much of his son, my husband. Yes, I was guilty of sneaking him desserts on holidays but we were so much more.

All I can do now is honor him, take care of his son and his wife, and help them both through this horrible time. But I will miss him so much myself, as he was so much a father to me when I went through almost losing my own dad.

Love you Dad Mac.
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