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We spent most of the day yesterday at the Renaissance Faire. It was a really nice time and great event to get my husband's mind off of the stress of the week.

Since we got home late I had to put together my CVS shopping this morning as quick as I could, which usually means I will not do well at it. But boy did I do good.

3 bags of Dove Minis $3.00 each = $9.00
1 bag of M&M's dark = $2.00
1 Lamisil foot spray = $7.59
1 Lamisil foot powder = $7.59
1 CVS 100ct aspirin = $1.99

Total = $28.17

(3) $1.50 off any bag of Dove candies
(1) .75 cents off any bag of M&M's dark
(2) $4.00 off any Lamisil product
(1) get a bottle of CVS aspirin free ($1.99 limit)
(1) $3.00 off any purchase of $15.00 or more at CVS

ECB's used $9.99
Total out of pocket paid ZERO DOLLARS!!!!
And I made $15.00 in ECB's ($5.00 when you buy $10.00 of selected candy, and $10.00 when you buy two Lamisil products).

So I made a $5.00 profit and no out of pocket. The cashiers at my CVS are fantastic and my favorite one was there for this momentous occasion. I have never had zero out of pocket. As he was putting the coupons through he said I think you are going to have a freebie here.
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On August 10, 2008 at 6:40 PM , Brandy said...

Great Job!! I would love to have a $0.00 out of pocket.

On August 10, 2008 at 8:26 PM , Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by! ( if you didn't know, my blogger ID doesn't say where I'm from) and I adore your name. It's nice to find a blog that kinda breaks out of the "norm" that is frugality blogs. I'll be checking back often! Gratz on the freebie!