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Some things I call "4 Star Stockups". The things in our household we can't have enough of and am very excited to stock up when the situation happens. Some of those include dog and cat food, cat litter, bath wipes, Scotch lint rollers and last but not least tampons.

Not a beautiful topic, but needed none the less. When I first started CVS'ing I wasn't doing too well at getting a nice stock of them. But after a bit they started to accumulate bit by bit. What would help my stock get even bigger is if CVS would ever increase their limits on the good tp deals. Most of the time the limit is 1 or 2. So my stock keeps building slowly.

This week was the week of the period, as all of CVS'ers were joking about. Thank dog I got a woman cashier this week, and didn't traumatize a poor teenage boy at ringing up this catch.

2 boxes 40 ct OB tampons = $9.00
1 box Playtex Gentle Glide tampons = $4.99
1 box Kotex Lightday Liners = $1.49

Total = $15.48

(1)$1.00 off any Kotex product
(2)$1.50 off any OB tampon
(1)$2.00 off any purchase of $10.00 at CVS

ECB's used $8.00

Total out of pocket paid $1.48
Earned $9.49 in ECB's

Mistake made here, as I forgot one of my coupons, so it should be have been only .48 cents, but I won't nitpick as it still wasn't a bad deal.
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