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•8:24 PM

Well, its almost September, which is a good thing, cause I am very tired of watching reruns. I want my favorite shows back on with new episodes, and I want it now.

I always have so many comments and opinions after I see my favorite shows but had nowhere and no one to share it with, until now. I am going to recap each of my shows after their airing and give you my thoughts on the episode. Ones I will be reviewing - The Office, My Name Is Earl, and The Girls Next Door. I know, where the heck did The Girls Next Door come from in that list. Its my ultimate guilty pleasure.

I do not like any reality show where there are immunity idols, tribes, voting people off the island or out of the house. The only reality shows I like are the documentary style ones that follow people around and The Girls Next Door is like watching three Barbies, its just fun.

But I would love you to contribute. Do you have a favorite show that you would like to recap after each new episode, maybe Lost, or Gossip Girl, or 24? Let me know and you might get to be the guest blogger on my site for your show.
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