Author: Cheryl
•4:55 PM

We had some great coupons in the newspapers this week. More $1.00 off Marcal, which if you find it in the right place can get your free paper towels or tissues. And a great coupon for a free bottle of French's Worcestershire sauce. Now the Marcel ones work for me, but I went to two stores this weekend and cannot find the French's Worcestershire sauce to save my life. So those I will hold onto.

The deals this week:

Electrasol Gelpacs $2.49 - $2.25 q's that expire today, so this is a quick deal, if you can make it. But you get them for .24 cents.

GUM toothbrushes are .88 and there are $1.00q's still out there. Making them FREE and if some stores allow you will get .12 overage

Lysol disinfectant spray $1.88 each, and there are $2.00 q's for this. So this is again FREE with .12 overage

A while ago we got coupons in the paper for $1.00 off of milk when you buy 2 Welch's jelly. Well, SR had Welch's on sale for $1.69 each, and I needed milk.

Also LaChoy soy sauce was on sale for $1.19. No coupons, but I think it was a great price for it.

After Shoprite I headed over to Superfresh again to check out the manager's special meats and to get free pasta.

Ronzoni Smart Taste at Superfresh this week is 10 for $10.00, so $1.00 each. $1.00 q's came out in this week's paper. So I was able to get 5 boxes free. And I found some cheap chicken wings packages there for only $1.90.

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