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•7:27 PM

I tried on Monday to get 4 of the Maalox, where you had to buy $20 worth to get $10 back. But I went to 2 CVS's and only found one bottle of the regular strength Maalox. So I decided my next trip back I would be more prepared for issues like this.

I planned either 4 of the Tylenol PM's or 4 of the Viactiv Flavor Glides. But when I got there I found both, so I got 2 of each. My husband uses the Tylenol PM's now and then and I was interested in trying the Viactiv.

2 Tylenol PM's $6.00 each = $12.00
2 Viactiv Flavor Glides $6.00 each = $12.00

Total $24.00

(2) $2.00 off Tylenol PM
(2) $2.00 off Viactiv Flavor Glides
(1) $2.50 off any pain relieve purchase of $10.00 at CVS
(1) $3.00 off any purchase of $15.00 at CVS

ECB's used $10.00
Total oop .50
ECB's earned $10.00

So I broke even on the ECB's and spent a whopping .50 cents and got some cool product.
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