Author: Cheryl
•2:06 PM

Pardon me while I let off some steam. I have been at my job for 12 years. I am in a department with only two people, my boss and me. And we have worked together the whole 12 years I have been here. I know every detail of her life, her family members names (from spouse to grandchildren to aunts and even her cat), I know the colors of the curtains in her house and what she likes to eat.

Saturday was my birthday. She has forgotten my birthday. This now makes 3 years in a row she has forgotten my birthday. Last year she finally remembered it the day before Christmas and gave me a birthday present to go with my Christmas present. And before these past 3 years she has probably forgotten it two more times in the 12 years. One year she even denied my request to take off my birthday, (it was on a Wednesday) so she could take off that day and two more days just to plant flowers in front of her house for the pictures for her daughters wedding that weekend.

And if you think people just sometimes forget things, her own son's birthday is the same as mine. One year her son reminded her it was my birthday too and she called me at work (she took off) to tell me her son told her.

I try to take comfort in the fact that I have an amazing husband who never forgets a special occasion and loves to spoil me rotten on my birthday. I'm one lucky gal.

But I don't expect gifts. But at least she could have gotten me a card, maybe even a little cake or lunch. Heck I would take just a happy birthday wish and ask me what I am doing for it. Am I crazy? I'm her only employee.

Okay I'm done now.
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On October 13, 2008 at 8:21 AM , Billy and Maggie said...

Happy Birthday to you..Happy Birthday to you..Happy Birthday dear Cherylllllllllllll...Happy Birthday to you!!!

Inconsiderate people suck!