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As I become more and more into paying off my debt, I am making more changes to saving money in our household. And I hope they are changes that I keep doing long after my debt is gone.

1.) Using the dryer less. I have started washing all my clothes in cold water. I have hung clothesline all around my basement and now hang up all my clothes to dry. When they are about 98% dry I throw them in the dryer for only 5 minutes to make them soft. I used to put clothes in the dryer for at least an hour a load and this reduces the electricity used by dryer by a ton. Its not hard and actually the smell of the clean wash hanging makes my whole house smell good.

2.) Pack our lunches. I have been packing my lunch for years for work. But I started a few months ago doing it for my husband and I'm sure this has saved us at least $35 -$50 a week.

3.) Knocking the grocery bill down. Way before the couponing started our grocery bill a week was around $150.00. That is for two grown adults. Pretty insane huh? We wasted alot of food too. I can't remember how many meats I thawed out and then we didn't feel like making them and ended up throwing them out when going bad. I now have a goal to keep our weekly grocery bill at $50.00. So far I am sticking around that, every once in a while going over 5 or 10 dollars here or there. And we have even more food on stock and more options of things to cook, and I don't waste a bit of leftovers.

4.) Eating out less. We are huge on eating out and did it about 3-4 times a week. Now we only do it once a week, and I try to only go to places then that I have a coupon for and that is very reasonable. I am thinking this has saved us at least $100 a week, probably more.

5.) Buying meats on the cheap. A huge portion of our grocery bill was the meat section. Superfresh is now my best friend with meats. They have manager's specials where the meat's are marked down at insane prices. The key to getting these is going pretty early in the morning and being flexible at what you will find. I have said before I have gotten turkey legs, ground chicken, ground turkey and lamb for under $2.00 a package. Plus more. This has made for some cheap and creative dinners. Now when I see meat at full price I cringe at seeing people paying those prices. Thank you Superfresh. I'm sure some other stores probably do this too. Please keep an eye out for these specials and stock up when you can.
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