Author: Cheryl
•9:33 AM

Just to prove to you I don't like everything I review. I present to you Bic Soleil Citron disposable razors. I got a bunch of these free at my grocery store with coupons and was excited to use them. I actually really like the way the handle of the razor feels. Its solid and has a great shape. Fits great in your hand.

What it doesn't do for me is shave well. It did okay on my legs as far as getting the hair off. But I had quite a few nicks when done and even some red bumps. The skin didn't feel very conditioned either after shaving. Shaving under my arms (I know, TMI) didn't go well at all. It just didn't seem to get a close shave, and irritated my skin alot.

I stilll have alot of these at home, not sure what to do with them. Maybe I will donate them or give them away as gifts. Some people may like them. I know there are products others have reviewed as horrible that I absolutely love. Each to their own. But me and the Bic Soleil Citron are not a match.

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