Author: Cheryl
•10:13 AM
I have combination hair. I thought you could only have combination skin, but apparently my body wasn't told of that. The roots of my hair get greasy fast, and the ends could use some moisture. And because my hair gets greasy fast I have to wash my hair every day. I can't even imagine what it is like to wash your hair every 2 or 3 days like most people. You must save on shampoo and your hairdryer must last longer. Thankfully I do the CVS deals, so I don't spend so much on the shampoo I do have to use every day.

So because of this hair type I have always been leery to buy moisture rich shampoos. Yes, my ends need some love, but I don't want to over saturate my roots. And for years I didn't even use a conditioner as my hair didn't need it and would just weigh it down. Once I got my hair highlighted I had to use a little conditioner just on the ends.

Finding a shampoo that works with this type of hair is tricky. Most shampoos have done an okay job, but the ones for oily hair can tend to leave your hair almost too dry. When I saw Aussie was a good deal at CVS I jumped right on it. I remember buying Aussie styling products when I was young and I really like them. When I got to the store I was very excited to see their product entitled Cleanse And Mend, "cleans grease at the roots and guards tips of combination hair". Holy crap, they should have just put my name on the bottle.

So with much hope I took them home. And it has been love ever since. It really is a nice shampoo, lathers up well, cleans well but doesn't dry it out and along with just a pinch of conditioner makes it soft enough without weighing it down. I'm so sad I only got 2 bottles when I did the CVS deal for this. So the minute this goes back on sale I am stocking up.

So if you have that crazy combination hair like mine, this may be the product for you. But they do have products for all types of hair, so I'm sure they work just as well.
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