Author: Cheryl
•10:59 AM

Warning: Men should leave the room now

Okay, now that they are gone I can review a feminine product. I'm sure they will thank me for asking them to leave. I hesitated in reviewing such a product, cause really does anyone want to hear about it or how much graphic detail can I get into. But for the sake of my readers, or reader, I cannot keep a good product under wraps. So I will be delicate in my description.

With doing these CVS coupon deals, I am able to get a good storage of some products, toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo for basically nothing. And thankfully for me, a good supply of .....well........tampons, which in my opinion can be ridiculously overpriced. But then most things made for women are. So I have had the chance to try a few brands and types. None stood out from the others and a few I try to avoid.

Playtex Sport tampons are the only ones, so far, that I actually had to rave about. The only downside to them is that they have a plastic applicator, so not as environmentally friendly as the cardboard ones. But the pros outweigh the cons on this one. The applicator and tampon are more oval shaped and shorter and fatter than your standard plastic ones. I think this is a more comfortable fit for a woman's body and there was no uncomfortableness at all in the insertion or removal of this product. Its absorbency was spot on (bad pun there). And another great feature to it, is the wrapping of each tampon is not made completely out of paper. It has a little stretch to it. So your item won't get torn apart if it bounces around your purse for a few days as most of the paper wrapped ones tend to get.

I like them. There I said it. We need them, they are there, nothing to be shy about. I'm kinda past that age to be that way anyway. So if you are looking, check them out.
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