Author: Cheryl
•4:03 PM

When my friend first showed me her coupon book over a year ago, she said "Once you do this, you will never go to Target again". I was interested in trying it from the minute she said it, but doubted that I would ever give up on Target.

So I started my couponing and after a few months, I noticed I was never going to Target again.

When I started seeing on frugal sites deals for Walmart and Target I got excited and ran to the store with my coupons. And every time I tried one of them my deals have come up bust. The items would always been more than they said on the deal sites, and both stores were completely unfriendly with coupons, especially internet ones. I can only assume that the stores in my area charge more than the stores in the areas these sites are from. And don't even bother with the corporate policy that Walmart has to accept internet coupons. I already tried it and brought in the policy to show the manager, and they still refused.

So even though I think Target is a beautiful looking store and has awesome looking home furnishings, I rarely go there anymore. I just don't need home furnishings now and their food items never end up being a good deal. Most of the Target's near us, also don't have full food sections, just the boxed stuff and a tiny freezer case.

Walmart. Well there is one up the street I won't even step it, its not a nice store. The one 10 minutes away is a huge, nice, SuperWalmart. I still don't do well with the deals. As I said the prices are never even close to the ones people mention on the deal sites. Most of the food I find there I find cheaper at my local stores with coupons.

But Walmart does now get a few points more than Target (shocker for me). I find their dry cat food tends to be a bit cheaper than the grocery stores, and along with a coupon that works out well. I will also only go to Walmart if I need a household item (ex. clothespins, rubbermaid containers, small appliances). But most of their food items have really been disappointing as far as deals go.

So that is why you will rarely see deals from those places on my sites. If you get great deals at both of these places, I envy you.
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