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•8:29 PM

I haven't mentioned for a while that my $50 a week budget is for two adults. We do not have any children. We used to spend $150.00 on groceries every week or two and would get barely 3 bags of groceries and let most of it go to waste. So $50.00 is a definitely a slash on what our food budget was before. I know people feed 5 to 6 kids sometimes on $50.00 a week, so I know that if we ever needed to slash more we could.

Over the past few months we have assembled quite a nice stockpile of food, both frozen and non. I have been thinking about taking two weeks or so off of grocery shopping and living off our stockpile. I would then take the budget for that week and add it to the snowball payment for our current credit card we are paying down. The only thing I may run out of is ice cream, and since I have an addiction to it, it might be good if I take a couple of days off from eating it anyway. My pants would thank me.

I actually do enjoy the couponing and finding deals so that may be the only part I may miss and I will have control myself if I see some really good things on sale for that week.

I could actually sleep in a little later on Sundays, and be ready to go biking nice and early since it is going to be in the 60's this weekend after getting 8 inches of snow on Monday.

Have you ever taken a mini-vacation from grocery shopping and lived off your stockpile? If so, how long have you done it? Did you allow for any exceptions, or just go hard core?
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