Author: Cheryl
•9:20 AM

I am very excited to try a new product I saw on TV the other day. Rarely does a product make me run right out and buy it. I'm tempted to with this one.

I'm afraid of ladders. I live in a Cape Cod style house, so the first floor doesn't actually sit ground level. So to get to our windows from the outside you would need a ladder. I'm not going up on one. You know that commercial about gutter cleaning where the people fall off the ladder and freeze midway. That commercial scares the crap out of me. I have nightmares about falling off ladders. Step stools I can handle, ladders no.

So because of that my windows haven't been really cleaned well in the 12 years I have lived in the house. Yes 12 years. And none of the ones in the front of the house are the new windows where you can clean the outside by flipping the window down.

My father once offered to go up on the ladder and clean my windows., But I got so nervous with him on the ladder that I made him get down.

Then two days ago I saw this. The Windex Outdoor All-In-One. Basically a Swiffer pole for your windows. I feel kind of ripped off as I kinda tried to invent this a few years ago. Frustrated at not being able to clean my windows, I took a Swiffer and attached a paper towel to it and sprayed it with window spray and tried to clean the outside of our windows with it. It really didn't do well as the paper towel kept ripping and it was hard to reach.

But I am going to try this. I will see if I have a coupon for it and look out for it on sale. And if this works, this is the answer to a 12 year old problem and will help keep this chick off ladders, which she hates.
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