Author: Cheryl
•9:31 AM

The dishwasher is still not cleaning. I have tried all the tricks. Cleaned it from head to toe, scrubbed out any gunk out of every hole, tube, corner. Moved the silver wear tray to make sure it was not blocking the soap, threw the soap in the middle instead of the tray, ran the hot water before using, checked the temperature of the hot water. Nope, nope, nope. Still not getting a thing clean.

So for now she is retired. We are hand washing dishes. We went out this weekend to look at new ones just to get an idea on prices. But didn't buy anything. I really don't think it is an emergency to have one, and I would rather our money keep going to our debt and emergency fund. My hands sore from being in so much water, but I will live. And eventually when we get a little more financially sound, maybe we will get one. Maybe I could use her for storage. :)

The carpet cleaner is its own story. I got the parts I needed in the mail last week so that the soap side of the tank didn't leak, and they fit great, no leaks. So Sunday I got everything ready to clean the carpets. Moved all the furniture, vacuumed every crack and crevice in the house. As I filled the water tank, water started to pour out of the bottom of the tank. It wasn't the identical part to the soap side, but instead the actual clear plastic of the tank had a crack in it. How the crap was I going to fix this?

To say I was happy was an understatement. Words were flying, things were thrown, fortunately only my dog saw me doing this and just went back to sleep. Fortunately my mom has a cleaner, and my dad dropped it off, so I was able to clean the carpets. I went online again and found replacements tanks for $40.00 with shipping. It should be here in a week. The picture is my new tank, supposed to be a sturdier model. Better be.

So in total I have paid $55.00 to keep my carpet cleaner working. Still better than spending $280 on a new one. But just enough to give me a headache
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