Author: Cheryl
•8:33 AM
I have the world's oldest dishwasher. Its mustard yellow in color on the outside, that should tell you plenty about its age. Its an Insinkerator, heard of it? Probably not. I don't think the company even makes dishwashers anymore, just garbage disposals. Its porcelain too, which my repair person once told me, is an amazing dishwasher and you should try to keep this forever.

But she is a royal pain. She cleans when she feels like it. Lately she is not dissolving the soap at all. So here are the steps I have taken so far. Tried the gel, tried the powder, tried the tabs. None are dissolving. I have increased the temperature of our water to over 120 degrees, still not dissolving. I have ran the hot water in the sink before using the dishwasher, still not dissolving. Last night I cleaned the dishwasher head to toe, using baking powder, vinegar, and a toothbrush. I got every little piece of gunk out of it and ran it, still not dissolving.

I found a few more things to try today on the internet. Lets hope it works. I really don't feel like calling our repair guy again and paying $80 to get it checked out and I definitely don't want to buy another one right now. Yes, I can hand wash dishes. But that uses more water than a dishwasher, so I'm hoping she will pull through one last time.
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On March 19, 2009 at 9:27 AM , Mommy Saves ALOT!!! said...

Our fridge is the same way. It came with the house when we bought it and it isn't as cold as it could be.

I guess home depot/lowes will be seeing us in the near future.

On March 25, 2009 at 1:58 AM , Donna said...

I will pray for your's-- will you pray for mine? ;-)
Mine is making a crazy noise while spraying the water! -sigh-
But, at least it is still washing!!