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•10:06 AM

I clean my carpets every three months. With six pets I think its actually not that strict a schedule. I love my carpet cleaner and don't regret one bit the money I paid for her a few years ago. But about 6 months ago the valve on the tank that holds the cleaner broke and the cleaner would just pour right out. I was so heartbroken, I figured it was too old to replace it and I would eventually have to get a new one, which I just couldn't spend the money on right now. My poor carpets are looking a bit dingy and really need a cleaning, since they are way past their normal scheduled cleaning. I was all set to borrow my mom's horrible cleaner or rent one from the store this weekend.

But I got motivated today and decided to see if I could find the part. And guess what, I did. I found it on Amazon, through a great company. I ordered two of the part, just in the case the same part on the water tank eventually broke. It cost me a total of $13.98 for two of the valves. So much better than $200 for a new one. Me and my carpet cleaner can continue with our long term relationship. And I will have nice clean carpets for a long time.

A frugal saving indeed.

**Forgot to note, the cleaner pictured above is not the exact one I have. Mine is about a few models older than the one pictured. But its the same brand, similar features, but blue in color. Just in case you wanted to know.

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