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I feel that this is one product I am really qualified to review. If you don't remember, I have seven, yes, seven pets and one slightly messy husband (I'm being kind, cause he reads my blog and will torture me later about it).
Hi honey. :)

My bedroom carpet, oh my poor bedroom carpet. It actually took me 10 years after moving into the house to getting around to replacing the carpet that was originally in there. And when I finally got the carpet, she sure was pretty. A beige carpet with a very cool pattern to it. I even spent a little more on it to make sure it was sturdy and somewhat stain resistant. Yeah, the stain resistant people haven't met my cats.

My one cat is skitzy, and eats too fast and has a bad stomach. No matter what I give her on occasion she will vomit it up 2 minutes later if she eats it too fast or gets all jittery. And her favorite place to do it is my bedroom. So over the years I have tried different carpet cleaning methods to for quick spot removal. I've done Woolite, Carbona, Resolve and several other smaller brands. They did get up about 70% of the stain but left a half decent yet slightly faded stain that would never come out. And this was all for messes that just happened. Nevermind on old stains on the carpet.

Once I got Spot Shot the hunt was over. Spot Shot is not expensive, comes out with coupons all the time and goes on sale now and then at my ShopRite. Now with any pile of stuff (yuck) you have to pick up the initial amount with a paper towel. But for the rest that it staining the carpet just spray the Spot Shot on, you can actually see it look like it is getting into the carpet. I use an old rag and a brush to scrub the stain. I would say with most stains that have occurred, I have repeated this process maybe 2 or 3 times with the stain and it is all gone.

So for a woman who tries not to have brand loyalty to get the deals, I have to remain brand loyal to this stain remover. I do it for the sake of my beautiful bedroom carpet.
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