Author: Cheryl
•12:21 PM
If anyone watched Oprah yesterday she had Suzie Orman on, with her 2009 action plan.

On top of the normal ways in which you need to pay off your credit card debt, she made some suggestions at the end of her show to the audience members who had a combined total of 2.9 million dollars of credit card debt.

1.) Don't spend money for a whole day (they nodded)

2.) Don't use your credit cards for a week (they nodded)

3.) Don't eat at restaurants for a whole month............OMG!

You would have thought with that last one that she asked them to sacrifice their first born child. They were outraged and upset and some just plain refused to do so. And I was horrified that this small sacrifice to give yourself financial freedom did upset them so much.

Now that I have thought about it today, I think some people misinterpreted who she was directing this to and people in the restaurant business weren't happy too. But she wasn't telling people who are financially sound, have no debt and good savings to not go out to restaurants. She was telling this to the people that had mounds of credit card debt and are one paycheck away from a financial disaster.

But I still think there were several there who did understand who the message is for and still refuse to take the steps necessary to get yourself out of trouble. The show did make me feel good that I was 4 months head of these people, and were already doing everything she suggested. I only hope the light goes off in their head to finally make the changes they need to.
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