Author: Cheryl
•11:58 AM

A little bit ago there was a link where you can request a free Kozy Shack Ready Grains. So of course I signed up. The site describes it as "the first all natural ready to eat multigrain cereal". My first curiosity was if it was fattening, as I for the most part watch what I eat. In my opinion wasn't bad on the calories or fat for my diet, and my husband doesn't really like cereal/oatmeal so I knew this was going to be my treat to try.

I found it at SuperFresh, it came in a double bowl pack. I bought the strawberry flavor, So I paid zero dollars and brought it home. It retails anywhere from $3.00 to $4.99. I decided to take one of bowls with me to work. I like to have rice or something filling for lunch, and thought this would be great and required me to do no prep work. Just throw it in my lunchbag and go.

At lunchtime today I got it out and read that you can eat it cold or warm. Since I love my warm oatmeal I took it down to the microwave in the lunchroom and just put it on for about a minute. I stirred it around, let me suggest you should really stir it around to get it to more of an oatmeal consistency and to get the fruit mixed in.

It wasn't too bad. Kind of like a creamier, gooey, oatmeal with a pinch of sweetness in it. At first I thought it tasted like uncooked pancake batter with strawberries in it. But once I got over the texture I think the taste actually got better. More oatmeal like but still a bit creamier and gooey. I do have another bowl left and will take it with me to work. But I might bring something to eat with it as it wasn't filling enough to last me the afternoon. And I might add some almonds or something to it to give it a bit of a crunch.

Its not a bad product at all, but not sure if it was good enough for me to give up my brown rice or plain oatmeal with fruit, and not sure it will fit into my budget at that price. Maybe if they come up with some good coupons and it goes on sale.

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