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Once again I skipped the other stores on Saturday, this time not to sleep in late but to take two of my cats to the vet for their yearly checkup. What an event that was, but that could be a whole post in itself.

I would say at least one week every month and half my mail carrier doesn't bring me any circulars on Thursday, I have no clue why. So thanks to an angel on who starting scanning the ShopRite ads each week and posts them by Wednesday, I am able to figure out my deals ahead of time.

Hit ShopRite bright and early Sunday, even though I was up late and got little sleep. I figured it would be crowded with people getting food for the SuperBowl, even though Eagles fans here are bitter they aren't in it.

I try to only pay .99 or under for any cereal after q's. But Life cereal is my favorite cereal in whole world and $1.49 is the best I have found it at yet. So I couldn't resist and got 2 boxes. I had a bowl for breakfast when I got home, YUM.

2 Turkey Hill ice creams $2.74 each
5 Bic Twin Select/Silky Touch razors $1.64 each - $2.00 q's = FREE and I got $1.80 overage
7 Sucrets lozenges $1.49 each - $1.50q's = FREE and got .07 overage
1 Clorox bleach $1.38
4 ShopRite butters packs $1.69 each
20 Dannon Light & Fit yogurts 10 for $3.90 - $1.00 off 10 q's = $2.90 for 10
2 Martinson's coffee $2.49 - $1.00 q's = $1.49
2 Life cereals $1.99 - $1.00 off 2 q's = $1.49 each
1 Smart Balance butter spread $2.49 - .50 q = $1.49
1 dozen eggs $2.69
4 Swanson frozen dinners (for the husband) .99 each
1 pk frozen burritos (again for the man) $2.99
2 - 8pks of pork chops $5.73 and $5.93
1 Perdue oven stuffer roaster $5.35

I also had $7.00 in catalina's from my last trip. So that came off my total.

Total after everything $43.41

Wow, I went under my budget and didn't even think I would. I actually would have gotten more. But I think I will save my $6.00 and change for Wednesday when ShopRite has their price break sale. They have OJ cheap and I am on my last container of it.
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